Why Girls Love Yogurt


Second only to maybe Diet Coke, yogurt is the edible material most stereotypically associated with women. Why has it become so gendered? The answer is simple: bitches love yogurt.

Obviously, part of the cliché of yogurt as a feminine food item has to do with the way that it’s marketed. For as long as anyone can remember, yogurt companies have always aimed their product at women. Müller has branded itself for “cool chicks” by using the same cute model with a Bettie Page ‘do wearing ModCloth-type clothes in a series of commercials. Oikos has hired John Stamos as their spokesman for their “hunk” campaign. A recent Yoplait commercial features a women’s book club meeting where the gals are gossiping about one member’s date. And of course there are Dannon’s infamous poop yogurt commercials starting Jamie Lee Curtis.

But yogurt companies wouldn’t be targeting women if it hadn’t already been established that they are their most likely customers, so the link between yogurt and women goes deeper. Way deep. Vaginally deep.

Yogurt contains acidophilus, a beneficial bacteria needed to balance out the bacterial party happening in your vagina right now. Any woman who’s taken a course of antibiotics only to end up with a wicked yeast infection knows the importance of ingesting enough acidophilus to replenish the body with “good” bacteria. It also promotes bowel regularity, and you know how we are about our poops.

A wise guy over at The Guardian wrote a piece (that’s maybe supposed to be humorous?) titled “Women and yogurt: what’s the connection?” and this is what he surmised:

Western society is unquestionably still dominated by heterosexual males, and, at the risk of being incredibly crude, perhaps the sight of other men happily consuming viscous white fluid makes them a bit uncomfortable? It’s fine if women do it, of course. That’s not an issue.

Ew. Anyway…

More than anything, women probably eat yogurt because it’s possesses the magical combination of being low in calories while also requiring the least amount of effort possible to prepare. Because we want to sort of watch our figures, but without really having to work that much for it. At the same time it almost tricks us into thinking it’s a dessert, which never happens with salad (the other lady food).

Image via mexrix/Shutterstock

Women and yogurt: what’s the connection? [The Guardian]

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