Will The Real Housewives of New York Ever Be Made Nice Again?

Will The Real Housewives of New York Ever Be Made Nice Again?
Dorinda Medley waves goodbye to the haters Screenshot:Instagram

It is with a heavy heart and even heavier wine glass that I must report that Dorinda Medley, the Berkshire baddie, is departing The Real Housewives of New York. In an Instagram post published on Tuesday morning, Dorinda thanked her castmates for “constant stimulation and entertainment” and bid farewell to the franchise with a classic Dorinda “clip.”

In true Dorinda fashion, her farewell post also included a shoutout to her late husband Richard, who became a fixture on the show himself after six seasons of viewers hearing about him.

Dorinda joined the cast in 2015 with clear eyes, a blonde bob, and a boyfriend named John who was ready, willing, and able to contribute all the drama expected of men who agree to be on a Housewives franchise. Her snide comments and fearlessness in the face of cast vets like Ramona and Sonja made her an instant hit with the fans. But Dorinda’s defining moment, the one that would haunt us for years, was when she introduced Luann DeLesseps to her future ex-husband Tom D’Agostino. It was an innocent enough introduction that would go straight to the pits of hell when Luann and Tom broke up, sending Luann into a downward spiral that sucked Dorinda into a vortex of arguments and philosophical debates about alcoholism.

Season 12 was a difficult one for Dorinda as her half-repaired friendship with Luann continued to unravel while Dorinda’s animosity towards the rest of the group became uncontainable. In more recent episodes, she turned her tequila-fueled wrath on fellow castmate Ramona, who also appears to be on the brink of an existential crisis. But through and through, Dorinda held steadfast to her personal motto: Make it nice. Her departure won’t just leave a hole in our hearts but a hole in the production schedule. Where are these broads supposed to go for Christmas now if not the Blue Stone Manor?

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