William Barr Has a Hard-On for Hurting People and Loving Donald Trump

William Barr Has a Hard-On for Hurting People and Loving Donald Trump
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A mediocre show about copulation in New York City once posited the theory that everyone gets two great loves in a lifetime. For Attorney General William Barr, those loves are hurting people and President Donald Trump. And those two passions combined on Monday, when Barr got to personally order police to tear-gas and shoot peaceful protesters with rubber bullets to make way for Trump to take a picture with an old book he’s never read.

According to a Department of Justice Official, Barr “personally ordered law enforcement officials to extend the perimeter around Washington D.C.’s Lafayette Square to push back protesters just before President Trump spoke Monday,” which sounds like what someone who gets a hard-on for the death penalty would do for a pal–or a stranger even–just as long as someone (or lots of people) gets hurt. [Washington Post]

Unlike most other politicians, brands, and celebrities, Bernie Sanders isn’t messing around with vague messages about support during these trying times, making word circles around the protests against police violence happening around the country. Instead, he is throwing money at the problem, a place where money desperately needs to be thrown.

Today, the Sanders campaign announced that it has used its fundraising arm to collect $1.5 million for an assortment of causes related to the protests. Your move, pretty much everyone else. [Twitter]

  • The protests might make it more difficult to get to the polls, but they also make it more urgent than ever. [Politico]
  • People who likely don’t live in cities think we should militarize cities. Related: Opinions of people who don’t know what they’re talking about are not usually needed. [Twitter]
  • Also related: President with no idea what he’s talking about loudly babbles nonsense at governors who most likely can’t follow his meandering, hysterical edicts. [Twitter]
  • Deputy Secretary of the U.S. treasury, Justin Muzinich, has used the bailouts as an opportunity to bond with his dad, founder of asset management firm Muzinich & Co., who just so happens to specialize in making money off businesses deeply in debt. That’ll be something sweet for Grandma Muzinich to include as a bullet point in the family holiday newsletter. [ProPublica]
  • Could someone make Matt Gaetz stop watching Hunters or at least explain to him what fascism is? [Politico]
  • Facebook employees realize that Mark Zuckerburg sucks and their policies concerning Trump are bad for America, but a great many of them do still enjoy making a ton of money radicalizing your least favorite cousins. [AP]
  • Viacom networks held a vigil of sorts for George Floyd. [NBC]
  • There are some not bad sentiments buried under all that passive voice George W. Bush used to avoid typing the words “police” and “murder.” [Twitter]
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