Wish Almost Anyone an Epic Happy Birthday Thanks to YouTube

My birthday was in August but I don’t mind that I had to wait for this.

If you type “Happy Birthday” and your name into YouTube you will get a magical present, as a Redditor recently discovered. Enjoy sending these videos to friends and loved ones who will think you really, really went out of your way to make them an incredibly sweet and personal gift. This video has something to cover all the bases for anything they may possibly be interested in: Dogs wearing funny hats, Gamera, babies in space, surfing, a Tyrannosaurus Rex catching on fire, a giraffe with a parachute, a sheep shot in artys fartsy black and white, explosions, more Gamera and people doing the twist in bathing suits.

Fuck that personalized coffee mug you were planning to send to your mom for her birthday.

H/T Time.

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