Woman Almost Drowned by Her Heavy Gown During 'Trash the Dress' Shoot

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Trash the dress shoots are controversial: Some think they’re cool and artistic, some think they’re pedestrian and tacky. What no one’s really thought before this video surfaced, however, is that these photo sessions could actually be deadly. But five people had to rescue this bride from her memory-making.

According to The Daily Mail, the bride’s name is Amy and, for some reason or another—probably a failure to grasp the elementary concept of physics—she decided to embark upon a shoot in which she would jump off a boat in a heavy dress weighted down by several layers of tulle and shit (“and shit” being the most popular material for making the wedding dresses of today). The Daily Mail also reports that, surprisingly, Amy is not the first person to have been pulled underwater by her dress. A woman in Montreal died attempting the same photoshoot.

I failed every science class in high school, but even I would think this was a bad idea unless it were in a shallow pool. It’s terrifying to watch Amy disappear into the water and then struggle to emerge from the depths of her murderous dress. Perhaps this will be a cautionary tale for other brides seeking to trash their outfits, especially those who have a healthy fear of being drowned (a fear I struggle with on a daily basis).

Also, a note to Amy’s friend in the video: “Whoo, you did it!” was probably not the correct response to someone who had just escaped a watery grave. Just FYI.

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