Woman Arrested After Advertising Desire to Fellate Horse On Craigslist


A 22—year-old woman from Arizona was arrested this week after taking to Craigslist to find a casual encounter (and maybe more?). Like many of us, the woman (who identifies as transgender and was booked under the name Donald Waelde) posted an ad on the classifieds site looking for a (literal) stud. Waelde, however, wasn’t looking for a candle-lit dinner and a long walk on the beach. Instead, she was looking to make the acquaintance of a male horse, stating that she’d provide whoever gave her access to such a date something in return. What that something was is unclear, but the ad featured a winky face, which is always a sign that someone is up to no good.

After being alerted to the ad by another craigslist user who had (and this is a direct quote) “a genuine interest in horses,” undercover police operatives contacted Waelde to gather more information. During this time, the operatives discovered that Waelde was interested in providing the horse (any horse) oral relief and Waelde was quickly arrested on charges of conspiring to commit bestiality. (Because having sex with a horse, strange as it may seem, is illegal in Arizona.) (Actually, it’s illegal everywhere —except Russia??? And Denmark???— and let me tell you, you do not want to go down the Wikipedia rabbit hole into which I plummeted in order to confirm that fact.) (And you most certainly do not want to see a documentary called Zoo.) (Just trust me.)

This is the fourth time Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has had to deal with a case of bestiality. The first three involved dogs. The Phoenix New Times, which broke the story, also maintains an article entitled The 10 Grossest Cases of Bestiality in Arizona.

Image via Phoenix New Times

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