Woman Claims She Could Not Stop Shitting Herself After Eating at Lisa Vanderpump's SUR

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Woman Claims She Could Not Stop Shitting Herself After Eating at Lisa Vanderpump's SUR

Recently, while working on a story concerning Lisa Vanderpump’s sprawling West Hollywood empire, I encountered a star of Vanderpump Rules. Generally unmoved, I continued the laborious task of finishing whatever goblet of alcoholic sugar water my bartender had placed in front of me at SUR (Sexy Unique Restaurant, as locals refer to it.). A woman approached me a few moments later. “Do you know who that is?” she asked. Being deep undercover, I said no. “He’s pretty famous, he’s on a show—Vanderpump Rules. Have you heard of it?” Again, my cover demanded I say no. “Do you want a picture with him?” She stormed off at my third no, and spent the next few minutes staring at me with the “pretty famous” star. Eventually he stood up, walked over to me, and handed his phone to a friend. “Let’s get a picture!” He smelled like old pennies. Anyway! Lisa Vanderpump’s nightlife lounge is facing a lawsuit after a woman claims she vomited profusely and was unable to stop “defecating through her clothing.” People reports:

In the [lawsuit], the woman says she was on vacation with her family in Los Angeles when they decided to dine at SUR, adding that they had not eaten anything else that day. The woman ordered “white fish covered with an orange cream sauce on her plate, along with broccoli and potatoes,” according to the documents. An hour after starting to eat the meal, the woman claims “[her] head suddenly whipped back, causing her body to move backwards as well, as she felt a hot sensation rise from her stomach, into her chest and then into her throat that she was unable to control. […] Her head came forward while vomit filled her mouth, and [she] began vomiting profusely.” The situation allegedly got so out of control that the woman fell to the floor on her knees and “continued to vomit,” according to the court documents. She claims that’s when she also began to “defecate through her clothing.”

The addition of orange cream sauce to a plate of broccoli and fish feels particularly… dated. Vanderpump disagrees, and the restaurant is already fighting back at the press surrounding the lawsuit. Co-owner Nathalie Zapata claims:

“SUR has been in business for 15 years and serves over 150,000 patrons a year. Nothing is more important to us than the care and enjoyment of our patrons. We have maintained our ‘A’ rating from the department of health and regular checks from the health department. We have no record of this ever happening from two years ago in 2017. We or our attorneys have yet to see the complaint just filed, 24 months after this alleged incident.”

She also points out that if “someone had vomited and defecated on the floor,” it would have been documented by patrons and SUR’s security cameras. The woman in the lawsuit has yet to respond to these allegations, but if you close your eyes and spin around three times, TMZ will have dug something up in the meantime. [People]

Britney Spears finally says what everyone around her is thinking: “Living in LA is such a trip!!!” In an Instagram post, she addresses the “clever haters” and small friend group that have her feeling lonely at times.

The post comes amidst a troubling year for Britney from ger father’s health struggles, to a brief hospitalization for her mental health, and the growing attention around her questionable conservatorship. Beneath the post, boyfriend Sam Asghari writes: “Winners don’t hate or bully, losers (haters) only do because they don’t have what you have (which is the best heart in the world) ♥️” Her recent Instagram presence has also stabilized after the string of confounding videos taken earlier this summer. We’re rooting for you, Britney! [Instagram]

Cardi B has delivered the most comprehensive political platform on cops for fellow leftists: “Fuck you!”

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