Woman Searches For Long-Lost Mother Spotted In Vintage Fitness Video


Friday we posted a film clip from 1945, in which women were pummeled and prodded by machines. On Saturday, we received a fascinating email regarding said video.

The reader writes:

I have seen parts of this clip used on Animal Planet: Extreme Lovers series. The woman featured a 1:00 is my mother. Before AP I didn’t know this existed since my mother was killed under sordid circumstances in 1960 on Valentines Day.
Can you tell me where you found it and if I would be able to find more clips of her if they exist. She was a model for Joseph Horne Co. in the 50’s and is probably 19 or 20 here. Her Name is Nancy Greer Tischler Hume Patterson, counting 2 marriages.Since I was 6 at the time of her death and know very little about the surrounding circumstances, now at the age of 58, I feel more information may be at hand.
This would have been shot in Pittsburgh, PA.
Please write back with any info or suggestions you may have concerning this. You have my eternal gratitude.
Nancy Greer Patterson Whitfield

All we know about the clip is that we saw it on Random Good Stuff, and that site got it from Live Leak. A little more digging reveals that the clip was part of a newsreel series called March Of Time, episodes of which played at the Museum Of Modern Art in the fall. This particular episode is called “American Beauty”. While March Of Time has its own Facebook page, we have no idea how to find more information or clips featuring Ms. Patterson. But maybe someone reading this does! Email [email protected] with any leads. Thanks!

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