Woman Sues for Child Support, Learns Her Twins Have 2 Different Dads


The Maury Show is missing some prime material over in New Jersey, where a woman discovered that two different men each fathered one of her twin children. Wait, what?

During a request for child support, it was revealed that an unnamed woman listed her boyfriend as the father of her two children, according to New York Times writer Benjamin Mueller who wrote about this made-for-Maury situation in as highbrow a way as possible. Her claim for financial support required a paternity test, and then the results revealed something no one was looking for: The boyfriend’s DNA only matched one child, and the mother was forced to admit she’d slept with another guy the week she became pregnant.

Now she’s fodder for the legal books because few judges have had to assign child support to two men in a case of a mother with twins.

Dr. Wurzinger, who has published a study saying that one in 13,000 reported paternity cases involved twins with separate fathers, testified that this was one of those rare cases: The woman’s twins were fertilized by different fathers during the same menstrual cycle.
Jennifer Wu, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, called it a case of superfecundation, a rare phenomenon classically illustrated in medical textbooks with a black baby and a white baby who are twins.

Wu says sperm can hang around in your vagina for around five days, which is probably what happened to this mother. Be careful out there ladies.

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