Workaholics Around The World


So you’re a workaholic, but how does your daily routine compare to that of other work-obsessives around the world? Tribe HR has crunched the global numbers for how long an average person’s workday is. The numbers show that Mexicans work the longest, at 10 hours (both paid and unpaid), and they also have the highest average of unpaid work at 4.2 hours. The country that works the least is Belgium, with a mere 5 hours of devoted work per day. Swoon.

The study also looks at the average minutes per day men and women dedicate to certain activities (above). Not surprisingly, Women spent 83 minutes cooking and 43 minutes cleaning, where men spent 21 minutes cooking and 10 minutes cleaning. There were a few surprising statistics, though: men spent an average of one minute longer spending time gardening and grooming pets, and spent the exact same amount of time volunteering per day (4 minutes).

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[HR Environmental Scan via Flavorwire]

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