World Leaders Conspiring to Spoil Prince George Absolutely Rotten


The British royal family has released its annual round-up of official gifts showered upon its various members over the last year, and it appears that the world has banded together to give wee little Prince George the expectation that everywhere he goes for the rest of his life, people will hand him free shit.

The Telegraph reports that Prince George received 706 gifts on royal travels o’er the waves—which is seven times more than her majesty the Queen. He picked up 671 of ’em on his sojourn in Australia and New Zealand. Are they worried he’s going to grow into some autocrat and they’ve got to appease him preemptively? Good grief. Among his many presents:

Among the more exotic items given to the Prince, who is now 18 months old, were a possum skin cloak, an amphibious boat, a personalised surfboard, a rocking horse, two pairs of sheepskin boots and a bike….
His official gifts included a toy polo mallet from the president of Christchurch Polo Club, a personalised skateboard from the Northern Sound System studios in Australia and a sleepsuit from Qantas airlines.

A possum skin cloak. POSSUM. Possum!

Don’t worry, though—Queen Elizabeth also received plenty of wacky shit, both on trips abroad and while wandering around home, as well. For instance, via NBC News:

A horse-riding crop, a bristle-brush boot scraper and a seven-inch model throne from the TV series “Game of Thrones” among the unusual gifts handed to Her Majesty during royal ceremonies or on official visits in 2014.
She also received a wooden coffee grinder from the Jordanian ambassador, a pair of handcrafted tribal arrows from the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Maryland, and a mounted tiger statue from Britain’s High Commissioner to Bangladesh.

Like I always say, you can’t have too many mounted tiger statues.

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