X Æ A-12's Father Is Being a Real Dick

X Æ A-12's Father Is Being a Real Dick

Just days after the birth of little X Æ A-12, Elon Musk is defying local government orders and reopening his Tesla assembly plant, coronavirus be damned!

Musk celebrated the arrival of his latest child by filing a lawsuit against Alameda County on Saturday, arguing that the restrictions closing non-essential businesses are too aggressive and unconstitutional. He’s also threatening to move Tesla out of California to either Texas or Nevada, where he can build his space cars in peace.

In a statement released on Monday, county officials said they’re in the process of negotiating a plan with Tesla. Per CNN:

“We continue to move closer to an agreed upon safety plan for reopening beyond Minimum Basic Operations by working through steps that Tesla has agreed to adopt,” the Alameda County Public Health Department said in a statement. “These steps include improving employee health screening procedures and engaging front-line staff on their concerns and feedback regarding safety protocols.”

Previously, Musk has expressed his distaste for the virus and California’s restrictions in various ways, including tweeting in March that “The coronavirus panic is dumb,” and later, that U.S. cases would be “negligible.” He was…incorrect.

Alameda County’s lockdown order says violations are punishable by fine, imprisonment or both. It’s not clear whether law enforcement will honor Musk’s request that only he be arrested, so it’s entirely possible that he’s not only imperiling the health of his workers, but also risking getting them arrested.

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