Y/N: Ariana and Miley Dressed Like Babies and Did a Cool Duet


Y: Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande—both dressed as babies—performed a whispery cover of Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” for Miley’s Happy Hippie foundation while wearing onesies. Miley sufficiently handles the deeper tones, while the tiny baby covers the high notes. It’s something easy to sway or kick to (see gif). [Billboard]

Y: Endor’s vacuumized electronic remix of Leona Lewis “Under My Feet” takes the original out of that stale country pop lane. It’s something I can appropriately flail around to in the crib. [Idolator]

N: Here’s your yearly reminder that Evan Ross sings—this forlorn ballad “How to Live Alone” featuring T.I. I’m on the fence because I expected it to be trash, but it’s listenable. I lived with it, up until about the 2:50 mark. [Billboard]

Y: For his country debut “Love Is Your Name,” Steven Tyler unloads his familiar rasp over a melodramatic fiddle rhythm and it works. [Rolling Stone]

Y: Ok, so this Mark Ronson and Mystikal video is really weird but…good? Florence Henderson is in it and there’s a little kid miming Mystikal’s lyrics at a talent show. At one point, he drinks milk from a Champagne flute. Bruno Mars co-directed it with Cameron Duddy (the guy behind Iggy and Britney’s video). Yeah, I dunno, but okay. [Complex]

N: Apropos of a Riff Raff song, “2 Cups” (with Major Lazer) is a series of commands satirically strung together. It’s cool if you like him. [Idolator]

Y: All the warm feels for this drum-heavy, wailing Bilal song “Satellites.” [Miss Info]

Y: Ester Dean’s Pitch Perfect 2 song “Crazy Youngsters” needs to be a soundtrack to everything. It’s universally lovable. [YouTube]

Y: Elle Varner’s “The End of the Beginning” starts with her rehashing an old Kanye verse about “the woes of a twenty-something-year-old single black female addicted to retail.” It almost has a spoken word flow to it and yet I still dig it. [Miss Info]

Y: Tink’s free-flowing, saintly remake of Aaliyah’s “One In A Million” maintains the original’s swagger. [Boombox]

Hell Yes: Miguel doing a live version of “Coffee” that’s harmful to your soul. [Stereogum]

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