Y/N: Madonna and Terrence Howard Totally Make Sense Together


Y: The concept for Madonna’s “Ghosttown” video (which premiered on Snapchat by the way…) is like Empire meets The Walking Dead. It’s a walkabout in the aftermath of nuclear explosions across the world. My first thought seeing Terrence Howard and Madonna face off: are they about to duel or kiss? No, they’re gonna dance! These two theatrical weirdoes are perfect for each other. [Idolator]

Y: Hilary Duff’s “Spark” has a flirty appeal and catchy whistle chorus. It’s basically a soundtrack to that kissing-in-the-closet game everyone but me 🙁 used to play as a teen. [Ryan Seacrest]

N: Jason Derulo songs are not exactly good as much as they’re minimally bearable. “Get Ugly” is irritating but might eventually pass the test of being listenable. For now, nah. [That Grape Juice]

Y: TV On the Radio filmed a bunch of random people in deep thought mode for their “Trouble” video. It definitely has that obvious melodramatic feel but nice idea. [Flavorwire]

Y: Sam Smith’s video for “Lay Me Down” took place in a funeral. Flume reimagines the song as a less torturous electro splash that isolates Smith’s incredible woeful vocals. In all, it’s a pleasant listen. [Idolator]

Y: Jeremih did a dance record with Flo Rida is a sentence I didn’t want to write. And yet I don’t hate this. Maybe because I have a soft spot for Jeremih, though I much prefer the “Planes” version of him. [Rap-Up]

N: As much as I love Rae Sremmurd’s joyful aesthetic, I’m not feeling them on the remix of this Furious 7 track “Get Low,” which features the line, “Don’t throw shade, throw parties.” [Idolator]

Y: Tiara Thomas’ self-motivating “On Me” sounds low-key, cool and lush, something I’d add to a “Feeling Myself” playlist. [Rap Radar]

Y: Janine and the Mixtape’s “Hold Me” video has her walking around the city dejected while daydreaming about a special dude. It’s the saddest rom-com ever. [Complex]

Y: The levels of cool in Van Hunt’s “Old Hat” are beyond what many of us can handle. There’s a soldiering beat and it’s pure strut music. [Stereogum]

N: In “Eternal Sunshine,” Jhene Aiko is floating above a tragic scene that unfolds beneath her. It’s supposed to be a recollection of her 2013 car accident. The sentiment is deep, but I can’t deal. [Miss Info]

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