YESSSSS: Melissa McCarthy in Talks to Star in Paul Feig's Spy Comedy


Are Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig the new DeNiro and Scorsese or the new Bogart and Huston? Both, probably! The actress and director can’t stop working together — THANK YEEZUS — and we, the public, keep benefitting.

Fresh off The Heat, McCarthy is now in talks to star in Susan Cooper, Paul Feig’s new spy comedy that centers around a female James Bond type. Susan Cooper would be the pair’s third film together (Feig directed both The Heat and Bridesmaids).

Of McCarthy, Feig — an outspoken advocate of giving women better roles in comedy — once told GQ:

“Let any debate about ‘women aren’t funny’ be put to rest. I would do anything with [Melissa McCarthy], and she’s got such range that she kind of can do anything. The worst thing you could do, if you had a Melissa McCarthy in your employ, would be, ‘Can you just stick to the script?’ But that happens a lot. Why the fuck would you ever do that?”

Best showmance ever.

Melissa McCarthy in Talks to Join Paul Feig’s ‘Susan Cooper’ [THR]

Image via AP.

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