You Can Edit Your Facebook Look Back Video Now


In case you missed it, Facebook gave you a present for its own birthday: a photo slideshow of all your best moments on the site. It’s decided to upgrade that gift by basically letting you exchange its original present for a slightly new, more personalized present.

On Wednesday, TechCrunch reported those who were displeased with the content of their videos would soon be able to edit them. Given how long it probably took Facebook to make the videos in the first place (it’s hard to even imagine them thinking that this would be something people would want anyway but I don’t know Mark & the Facebook Team’s life), it was unclear when that edit tool would be rolled out. But it’s here!

The instructions for editing your own personal Facebook slideshow can be found here. If you need something to do tonight, perhaps consider subbing out that photo of you eating a hot dog and subbing in an attractive pic of you sunning yourself on the beach? Again, IDK. What weird moments did yours include? Mine just made me realize that I am as “boring” on Facebook as my mother thinks I am.

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