You Just Don't Mess With Sarah Palin's Family

  • Levi Johnston‘s pre-taped appearance on Tyra today prompted Sarah Palin to announce that Bristol Palin would advocate for abstinence and that Levi was a fame-seeking liar. Then she started cleaning a shotgun. [People]
  • Sarah Palin‘s sister-in-law, Diana Palin, was coincidentally arrested this weekend on burglary charges after breaking into the same house twice. Levi Johnston should have known better than to fuck with this family. [Huffington Post]
  • In other tales of Republican clusterfuckery, Greg Sargant asks, “House GOP Leaders Leaking On Each Other?” and I laugh and laugh and laugh at the thought. [The Plum Line]
  • Former GOP Congressman John “McSlappy” Sweeney was arrested again on yet another DUI charge [Huffington Post]
  • Sean Hannity says he’s never watched porn because he has kids. Riiight. [Huffington Post]
  • Mr. “Born With Kids” Hannity then accused Obama of deep resentment of people that can masturbate without soul-crushing guilt and hours of uncontrollable weeping Americans. [ThinkProgress]
  • North Korea launched that missile thing they’ve kept threatening to launch, and we’re all a little freaked out about it. [Washington Post]
  • Even though we’re pretty sure they fucked it up. [NY Times]
  • Obama is letting photographers photograph the coffins of deceased service members for the first time in 18 years. Apparently, Americans don’t feel badly just knowing they’re dead. [NY Times]
  • Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers and dickhead Larry Summers made a shitload of money off the Wall Street companies he’s still involved in bailing out. [Washington Post]
  • Republican Representative Steve King of Iowa is scared that Iowa is about to become a gay Mecca because they won’t discriminate against the LGBT community any more. [Think Progress]
  • The six gay Iraqis brutally murdered in the last week for being gay probably would’ve liked it there, even with all the pigs. Oh, and the pork industry, besides. [ThinkProgress]
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