"You Lesbian Shitasses": Scott Baio's Wife Rants On Facebook (Updates)


Scott Baio has been having some Internet troubles lately. And now his wife Renee is taking to the web to fight cunty “lesbos.” How did it come to this?!

Brief backstory: On an earlier edition of Tweetbeat, Jezebel pointed out the 80s sitcom actor’s aversion to paying taxes to support “lazy” people:

Baio’s response was pretty defensive.

Then things really derailed:

Well. Twitter is a blunt instrument, huh? And that’s how we got #scottbaioruinseverything as a hashtag, a micro-army of wingnut followers trashing us, Mr. Baio protecting his Tweets, and, finally, Mrs. Baio posting that sweet, homophobic poetry (above) on her Facebook page, directed towards the staff and readers of Jezebel. Harsh words from a woman who has joined Facebook groups for Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Cracker Barrel, and… Hot Moms.

And briefly, we got a Wikipedia entry proclaiming Baio to be the anti-Christ. Which is not very nice! (Click to enlarge)

To paraphrase a colloquial expression that clearly got lost in translation: These people don’t need our help to appear total bigots. They can do it all by themselves. Thanks, Internet! And thanks, Baio family, for proving that Twitter does indeed ruin celebrities.

Update: Renee Baio responds. Some of her best friends are lesbians! But not shitasses.

Update two: Looks like Jerry Brown or Eric Holder may be getting a call.

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