You Need to Watch Yoko Ono's New Music Video RIGHT NOW


Is there anyone on the planet cooler than Yoko Ono? No, there is not. Maybe Merlin if he’s really still trapped in that cave — but, then again, nope.

As proof of this, feast your weak mortal eyes upon the video for “Bad Dancer,” a track that Yoko Ono wrote with Mike D and Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys. “Bad Dancer” is probably your new favorite song; it involves Yoko announcing, “I’m a bad dancer!” and also “You’re a bad dancer” over a club beat (of a club in a weird portion of outer space).

In the video, she and several of her friends — both Beastie Boys, ?uestlove, former Das Racist member Heems, Roberta Flack, Cibo Matto, Ira Glass, comedian Reggie Watts, performance artist/songwriter Justin Vivian Bond, the unseen spirit of a willow tree, a cheerful speck of dust, a top hat, etc. — dance in front of a wall covered in foil. Yoko Ono also paints a conceptual painting and dances in front of it for a little bit.

According to Pitchfork, “it was inspired by some of Ono’s previous works, including 2008’s Touch Me, 1965’s Film No. 1 (aka Match), and 1966’s Ceiling Painting.” It was also inspired by a dream that an angel once had about Yoko Ono doing a little waltz with ?uestlove.

[H/T Pitchfork]

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