You Pick 'Em, We Play 'Em: A Valentine's Day Playlist Chosen By Our Commenters


This morning, I asked our readers to post their favorite Valentine’s Day jams for a playlist post. The response was overwhelming—there are already over 300 submissions—so I narrowed it down to a few. Ready, steady, go!

The Beatles, “In My Life”: From commenter lastsinglestanding: “I think this is the sweetest sentiment ever set to music.”

The Rolling Stones- “Wild Horses”: From commenter AlohaMaid: “Best make up song where your bad boy BF shows his tender side that makes you love him. They said he was bad but I knew he was just sad. Plus Marianne Faithfull’s autobiography has a great story behind the song. She OD’d or tried to kill herself and when she came out of a coma Jagger was at her bedside distraught and said “I thought I lost you” and she quipped “wild horses couldn’t drag me away.” The entire song is about appreciating her.”

A+D- “Believe In Sexual Eruption (Cher Vs. Snoop Dogg)”– From commenter StarHen: “Because what better way to celebrate the union of two hearts/souls/bodies/whatever than with a little mashup magic.”

Al Green- “Love And Happiness” From commenter heather.ferreira: “”Love and Happiness” by Al Green,”Jesus is Waiting” by Al Green (religious lyrics to the slowest, hottest bump’n’grind tempo your libido can stand without instantly igniting), “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye. I dare you to play those in order tonight by candlelight and see if you make it out of the room with any clothes on. You may send all pregnancy announcements and losing bet payoffs tomorrow morning care of Jezebel.”

Miriam Makeba- “Strawberries!” From commenter indeed so: “I think this is one of the most gorgeous songs in the world.”

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong- “Cheek To Cheek (Heaven)”: From commenter fridaphile: “I think the best playlist would have to have to include some jazz classics.”

Hole- “Use Once And Destroy: This is my pick for breakups, heartaches, and getting past it all. Actually, the entire Celebrity Skin album, which is full of songs about death, love, sadness, happiness, renewal, and redemption, is a great soundtrack for dealing—but eventually getting over and through—a broken heart.

The Partridge Family- “I Think I Love You”: Admit it. You know the words.

Happy Valentine’s Day, crew! For a full, extensive playlist, please check out—and keep adding to—the original thread:
What’s Your Ideal Valentine’s Playlist?

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