Young Hollywood Rings In The New By Looking Fug


Maybe the theme of Gridlock New Year’s Eve at Paramount Studios was: let’s all wear our worst clothes of ’08 and then burn them! Because otherwise I don’t know what the explanation is:

The Good:

Emma Roberts is a young actress who consistently looks chic and age-appropriate. And if you must wear those shoes (and apparently they must) this is how to do it.

While Katie Cassidy looks nothing like Holly Golightly, the almost costumey nature of the hairdo puts this over — but only because it’s NYE!

The Bad:

Zelda (Robin-Spawn) Williams is one of those kids who, Rumer Willis-style, has suddenly just appeared amidst vague aspirations of slash/slash stardom. This jacket is not helping any.

Katy Perry‘s early Madonna homage goes horribly awry. Unless, of course, this is what she was going for? In which case, carry on.

Could Trisha Cummings‘ getup be less flattering? No. No, it couldn’t.

Having worked in retail, I am mad at whatever saleswoman helped Joanna ‘JoJo’ Levesque pick out this Band-Aid of a mini and didn’t steer her towards something kinder.

The Ugly:

Katerina Graham looks so boldly awful, it almost works! Almost is the operative word.

I tried toting up the things that make Pamela Bach‘s outfit so problematic, but being an English major, could not count that high.

Judy Tenuta‘s 80’s Morticia kind of has a magistereal charm.

[Images via Getty]

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