Yung Joc: Female Rappers Will ‘Phase Out’ in 180 Days

The rapper, who hasn't put out a hit in over a decade, said women like Cardi B will become irrelevant by the end of May because they're too catty to share.

Yung Joc: Female Rappers Will ‘Phase Out’ in 180 Days
Photo:Getty, screenshot/Vlad TV

For reasons unclear, a once-famous rapper named Yung Joc whom I honestly had to Google search, made an appearance on Vlad TV on Thursday to issue an ominous warning to female rappers that their days are numbered, because women are “catty” and unable to “share the spotlight.”

“Women don’t really want to share, let’s just be for real,” said the rapper, who’s perhaps most famous for a feature on T-Pain’s “Buy U a Drank” in 2007. “Sometimes they don’t want to share the spotlight, that’s just kind of what it is.”

Joc, who’s definitely not just bitter that Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B are infinity times more successful than he is, graciously mustered some empathy for the fairer sex before making a dark, oddly specific prediction: “I understand, because it’s already hard for them to find that place anyway, you know what I’m saying?” (I don’t, but thank you!) “Even though you got all these female rappers, well, let’s give it another 180 days, you know, this time next year, let’s see if we still got this many female rappers. I bet you it won’t be, because a lot of them are gonna phase out.”

Well, which is it, Yung Joc? This time next year, or in 180 days? Or does he think those two are the same thing? The ladies of rap need to know when to start winding down their careers.

I get that navigating the passage of time is hard when you haven’t put out a hit in well over a decade. But in that case, I would simply refrain from speaking on the supposed doom of female rappers, all while Doja Cat, Meg, Cardi, Nicki Minaj, Latto, City Girls, and frankly more women than I can list here continue to top chart after chart. Please, be serious right now, sir.

As evidence for Joc’s thesis that all women are too catty to share a stage, incidentally, he could really only name one conflict—a recent Twitter spat between Nicki Minaj and Latto. Of course, quite famously, Nicki and Cardi aren’t exactly the best of friends.

And I suppose he’s right that male rappers never have this problem. Except, of course Drake, who’s essentially feuded with every male rapper you could possibly name—most publicly with Meek Mill, Kanye West, and Pusha T. In the throes of their especially vicious 2018 conflict, Pusha T outed Drake for having a secret love child. Ironically, while women artists have supported noted “girl’s girl” Megan Thee Stallion following her allegations that Tory Lanez shot her in 2020, it was Drake—not a female rapper—who dissed and called her a liar on a recent track last month. Oh, and the rap group Migos allegedly broke up earlier this year over a woman.

But no, Joc has spoken, and he must be correct, despite his own wife saying she would never want her daughters to fall in love with a man like him. Count your days, ladies of rap—you’ve got exactly 180 of them.

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