Your Afternoon Cry: Best 10-Year-Old Boy Ever Rescues Cat From Bullies


Oh, man. Maybe I have PMS or allergies or Mad Cow Disease or something, but of all the Morning/Afternoon Cries lately, this one reaaaally does it for me.

10-year-old Manteo, North Carolina resident Wendell Overton had seen the black and white stray cat around his neighborhood before. On March 12th, he came across a bunch of shithead kids from aged 5 to 13 torturing the cat: threw him into the air, ran over him with their bikes and squirted energy drinks in his face.

He shooed the boys away and took the cat home to his mom, who called the Outer Banks SPCA and later tearily told the news: “He said, ‘Mom, this cat is going to die. We need to save it.’ […] I’m glad I raised him so well.” Says Wendell: “She taught me how to care about cats, take care of animals and do the right thing.” GAHH, WEEPING.

The SPCA worker interviewed also shed a tear or two. “It’s truly amazing, and he’s a hero in my book.”

As for Jackson (the cat), he is recovering well and will soon be available for adoption. (Anyone in North Carolina want a cat?)

A picture from the Outer Banks SPCA’s Facebook page:

And a local news video:

The children! They’re the future!

‘Wendell Overton, 10, Saves Jackson The Cat From Group Of Bullies (PHOTOS, VIDEO)’ [HuffPo]

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