Your Evening Cry: Invisible Dogs Are Finally Seen


Well, that’s it. All of the pictures of people crying. All of the gifs of people crying. All of the tears.

I think this might be a little old (like, less than a year, but that’s a great-great-great grandma in Internet time), but I love it so much.

It’s called “I Am Here”, and it’s a project started by Chilean college students Violeta Caro Pinda and Felipe Carrasco Guzman. The students take balloons — “scratch me,” “don’t leave me,” “play with me,” “hug me,” and “don’t leave me” — and attach them to street dogs. It’s astonishing what can happen when the invisible becomes visible. (Of course, I’m worried one of the dogs is gonna accidentally strangle themselves on the ribbon, but it looks like the students have it all under control.)

[via UpWorthy]

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