Your Friday Happy Cry: Widower Learns He's Going to be a Grandpa


Oh, God: Here is a video of a man being informed that he is going to be a grandfather. He opens a box and finds a pacifier, and it takes him so long to piece it together, and when he does it’ll wallop you too because here is a gruff Cubs fan literally tearing up as he clutches a binky.

And in case you weren’t already welling up, the mom-to-be (who posted the video on Reddit) says she’s an only child, her mom died 20 years ago and he’s been requesting grandkids since basically the minute she tied the knot. Yes, go ahead and starting bawling, you’ve got half the staff of Jezebel for company.

Videos of people reacting happily to the news they’re going to be grandparents are, no exaggeration, probably my favorite thing on the Internet. Sure, Facebook is full of over-sharing, selfies have gotten out of control and we’re probably documenting too much of the minutiae of our lives. But it’s genuinely wonderful that we’re able to capture the big moments like this. Here is another classic of the genre, where two gay dads learn they’re going to be granddads:


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