Your Holiday Dinner Is Going to Cost More This Year


Thanks to the drought, it’s going to cost a lot more money to fill our cornucopias this year. According to data compiled by the Dining Alliance, the drought has affected the prices on everything from veggies to stuffing to candy corn.

Apples were affected the worst, though, as there are about 50% less of them than last year, leading to a 20% increase in price. The price of turkeys will go up 5%, and the shortage of breads and grains will impact the cost of pie crust and stuffing, which will go up about 4%. The bad crops have also affected the availability of soybean and corn oil, meaning that the cooking oil and candy corn will also be more expensive. Overall, families will probably spend about 15% more on Thanksgiving dinner than if the drought hadn’t occurred.

Image via Melanie Kintz/Shutterstock

Expect Pricier Holiday Treats This Year [WSJ]

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