Your Morning Cry: Disabled Dog Greets Her Person Upon Return From Deployment


Emma is a 1-year-old American Bulldog/pit bull mix who suffers from a congenital vertebrae anomaly called hemivertebrae, as well as a neurological disorder similar to cerebral palsy. She also really freaking loves her life — including her humans, Melissa Swanson and family. Melissa has tried all sorts of ways to make Emma’s life easier — including a doggie wheelchair that just didn’t work for her — and is still searching for mobility solutions. In the meantime, Emma is happy and healthy and ain’t nothing stopping her from sliding into your loving arms. Ugh, I want to hug her so badly.

Apparently when someone comes home, Emma normally waits for the person to come to her. However, when Swanson’s husband returned home from deployment, she was too ridiculously excited and had to run/slide to greet her main man. Heart, warmed.

[Emma’s Facebook, via Dogster]

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