Your New Possible McDreamy Is the Dude From That Show You Didn't Watch


Grey’s Anatomy has added a new doctor to its pool of endlessly beautiful people who fuck their coworkers: Martin Henderson, of the Shonda Rhimes show that didn’t end up so well, Off the Map, has been hired as a series regular.

Deadline reports no details about Henderson’s character, save that he will be a surgeon, but we know all we need to know: 1. He is hot. 2. He is a doctor. 3. He is from New Zealand. 4. McDreamy is dead and Meredith’s gotta find someone new to bone.

Fans of Off the Map, the Shonda Rhimes-produced ABC show that was cancelled, will remember Henderson as the lead hottie at a medical clinic in South America who makes the most of a situation where his wife is on life support by engaging in a relationship with a doctor he works with as well as engaging in more romantic stuff with another doctor he also works with. While I found the show most interesting for its Mamie Gummer/Zach Gilford pairing, Henderson is certainly easy on the eyes in that Grey’s way. He was also in The Ring, Bride and Prejudice, and the video for “Toxic” (stay through the end like you know you want to for a glimpse of him).

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