Zac Efron to Possibly Join Long Line of Rich People Fleeing the United States

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Zac Efron to Possibly Join Long Line of Rich People Fleeing the United States
Graphic:Joan Summers

Miss Fame is in Switzerland. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson got their Greek citizenship finalized. Now, hottie Zac Efron is allegedly planning to move both himself and his newly hairy chest down to Australia’s Byron Bay. It’s enough to make you think that those with the capital to do it are leaving the U.S. for seemingly sunnier pastures. That’s fine! I speak for most Tinseltown inhabitants when I say that none of us will miss them very much.

TMZ reports that Efron is “formulating a plan to escape Los Angeles,” according to “sources with direct knowledge.” These tipsters claim the former tween star will list his home and move “full time” to Australia’s Byron Bay. For some unknown reason, pictures of maps are incredibly expensive—they’re trying to charge us for MAPS—so I’ve taken the liberty of drawing Australia instead, for reference.

Illustration:Joan Summers/Jezebel

For the most part, Byron Bay is famous for being a beach town, predominately. Other notable Hollywood hunk, Chris Hemsworth, moved there in 2016, citing: “We were living shoulder to shoulder in the suburbs and thought that’s not how we want our kids to grow up. Moving to a kind of farm setup back here on the coast in Australia has been the best thing.”

This is also not the first time Efron has found himself besieged by rumors of a globe-trotting exodus out of Los Angeles. In July, Daily Mail reported that he had been “lying low in Byron Bay during the covid-19 pandemic.” A spokesperson told the Daily Telegraph, when asked: “He is not there for work.” A question then: was he there when the pandemic hit, or did he slink off under the cover of night, lest he be shamed for moving overseas from a pandemic hotspot? He hasn’t been papped in Los Angeles since January, which could mean a variety of things. Let’s put a pin in this inquiry until later. [TMZ]

I feel like I’m being gaslit by this picture of Dorit Kemsley. By all evidence, it is a picture of Dorit Kemsley. But the more I look at it, it’s also not a picture of Dorit Kemsley. It’s like those Rorschach tests therapists give to people on television shows—we’re all gonna see something else in its dark, nefarious depths.

But this is definitely not a picture of Dorit Kemsley, right? Or is it. It could be! This might very well be a picture of Dorit Kemsley. But what if it wasn’t… what then? This gives me much to think about. For now, we’ll just call it a photograph that may or may not have Dorit Kemsley inside of it. I’m willing to make that compromise!

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