Zac Posen Claims Target Collection Inspired By "Lesbian Proms"


A hearing has been set for gay teen Constance McMillen‘s suit to get her school to reinstate her prom, and Zac Posen is capitalizing on her fame by claiming his new collection for Target is great for lesbian prom dates.

A judge will hear McMillen’s case on March 22, which McMillen and her ACLU lawyers hope will be soon enough to reinstate the April 2 prom. The school had barred McMillen from bringing her girlfriend or wearing a tux, but if that changes, she might be able to get one at Target. And designer Zac Posen wants everyone to know it. He tells Teen Vogue (via Shine),

Lesbian proms have been such a big thing in the news lately. Rather than create a fake subculture, I wanted to address things that are actually happening.

I’m not sure what he means by “a fake subculture,” but he probably designed his Spring 2010 collection well before McMillen’s story broke. Unless he was inspired by earlier and lower-profile promtroversies, I doubt he had prom on the brain when creating the clothes. Shine’s accompanying photos depict only dresses, not suits, and not especially prommy dresses at that (there is a floral gown, but it looks more appropriate for a luau). I will say that Posen’s tux jacket, when I located it, looked quite nice — and at $49.99 is attainable with a high school budget.

It’s nice that Posen has at least come out in support of lesbians going to prom. But he hasn’t always been particularly articulate on the subject of women’s rights (on overly thin fashion models: “I think the designers are vulnerable as well! […] It’s a fine line, you know, but at the end of the day, health is great.”), and his mention of “lesbian proms” may be an attempt to hitch a ride on a popular story. Posen also told Teen Vogue, “It’s a kick-ass girl who can wear a tuxedo to prom! Don’t be afraid of drama. Prom is one of the few opportunities in life when you can fulfill any romantic desires you have.” Clearly he went to a way more exciting high school than I did, because my prom was less about fulfilling romantic desires than about overcrowding, bad music, and Smirnoff Ice. But McMillen deserves the chance to find this out for herself — though according to the photo accompanying this incredibly charming profile, she already has her tux.

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