Zayn Malik Is Over, Loses 50,000 Followers After Quitting 1D


It’s been less than a week since Zayn Malik broke up the greatest band in history to live a normal life, and the 22-year-old is already learning that being normal means that there are 50,000 less people who care about your day or your new solo work. In fact, those 50,000 people that just unfollowed you? They actively hate you now, Zayn.

It appears that Malik, who really was the hottest member of the group (no matter what anyone else says), wasn’t exactly honest about doing the whole “out of the spotlight” thing. Only days after he exited the band he’s dropped a new track that has got some fans and ex bandmates screaming “are you fucking kidding me” at the possibly disgraced former star and his collaborator Naughty Boy.

From the New York Daily News:

Naughty Boy shared the track, “I Won’t Mind” via Twitter before quickly removing the audio from SoundCloud while in the midst of a war of words with Malik’s former bandmate Louis Tomilson [sic].
“Wow @NaughtyBoyMusic you’re so inconsiderate pal, seriously how f—-ing old are you? Grow up! #masterofallwisdom,” Tomlinson wrote, responding to now-deleted tweets that were allegedly about the Naughty Boy/ Malik collaboration.

Tomlinson (who is so useless that even NYDN didn’t bother spellchecking his name) later sent an apology of sorts to fans, tweeting “always have struggled to bite my tongue” last night. And even though the track’s been removed from Sound Cloud (here it is on Youtube), the damage has already been done.

The BBC reports that Malik’s already been removed from all the video footage at One Direction concerts and it’s probably only a matter of time until he’s either completely forgotten or has his own reality show on VH1. Congratulations on learning that being normal fucking sucks, Zayn! At least you’re handsome.

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