"10 Things You Didn't Know About Orgasm"

Mary Roach, author of Bonk, gave a lecture at the TED Talks series in which she presented 10 offbeat facts about orgasm — found in obscure scientific research — from climaxing after death to pig pleasure.

In the clip to the left, Roach explains #7 (from the list below). The Danish National Committee for Pig Production found that farmers would see a 6% increase in the farrowing rate (number of pigs produced) if they helped the female pigs have an orgasm while inseminating them. To help the farmers with this task, the committee created an instructional DVD on arousing female pigs. Roached obtained a copy and shares it with us all.

The List:
1.) A fetus can masturbate in utero.
2.) You don’t need genitals.
3.) You can have them when you’re dead.
4.) They can cause bad breath.
5.) They can cure hiccups.
6.) Doctors once prescribed them for fertility.
7.) Pig farmers still do.
8.) Animals orgasm more than we think they do.
9.) There was an instrument developed in lab studies — a camera attached to a phallus — to study what happens inside a woman’s vagina when she climaxes.
10.) Kinsey conducted, for lack of a better term, jerk-off in which he lined men up next to each other and had them ejaculate in order to study how far semen can shoot.

Funny, educational, and engaging, Roach explains all of these points in a really entertaining — but still scientific! — way. You should really take the time to watch the entire video:

Mary Roach: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm [TED]

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