10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap Snooki gives the finger on live TV, Mel Gibson calls a reporter an asshole, and NBC clears a “large vagina” joke.

1.) Snooki flips the bird.
Schnickers was the red carpet star during a promotional appearance for some kind of chicken wings competition in Philadelphia. For reasons unknown, the crowd was booing her. A reporter, covering the event for a local news channel, called Snooki over, where she gave the finger to the camera. She needs to be on live TV more often.

2.) Betty White watches Jersey Shore.
While appearing on The Insider as a guest panelist this week, Betty White was shown pictures of different male celebrities’ abs, and asked to identify them. She picked up on The Sitch right away.

3.) Mel Gibson: Asshole
During a press junket for his new film Edge of Darkness, Mel Gibson seemed shocked and appalled that anyone would dare ask him questions about the sundry scandals he’s been involved with in the past few years. So how does he handle his past bad press? Create new bad press!

4.) Lindsay Lohan’s “art”
The Insider is currently running an ongoing piece wherein Niecy Nash is helping Lindsay with her hoarding addiction. As the cameras panned around her condo, some of Lindsay’s personal art projects were displayed. The coverage of Lindsay’s mess will continue tonight.

5.) Sarah Silverman’s bedpost notches
While on The Joy Behar Show, Joy tactlessly asked Sarah about which comedians she’s had sex with. Sarah rolled with it, and told Joy everything, including to whom she lost her virginity.

6.) What’s the deal with Bob Forrest’s style?
Bob Forrest is a musician, L.A. scenester and drug counselor (both in real life and on Celebrity Rehab). So my question is, why does he dress like he’s Johnny Depp going to a film premiere in Cannes? Did Johnny see him at the Viper Room or something and rip him off, or is he copying Johnny? Chicken or the egg, basically.

7.) Do you want to dress like one of the Real Housewives?
I’m assuming the answer to that question is “no.” However, Bravo went ahead and started the “Royal Plush Real Housewives Collection” clothing line.

8.) Parenting 101

9.) “That ain’t right” but it’s OK.
A police officer in Houston actually requested that his badge number be “666,” in order to honor the memory of his late grandfather, who also had that badge number when serving for the HPD. Interestingly, their family name is “Black.” Coincidence?

10.) “Large vagina” joke on network TV

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