10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Dolly Parton admits she’s afraid of the rides at Dollywood, Facebook and texting are said to be ruining couples’ relationships, and two words: Janice Dickinson.

1.) Larry King is beginning to understand “Snoop Talk.”
Also, in the footage of the two guys getting into Snoop’s car, see if you can count how many zippers and pockets Larry’s jacket has. I have a feeling he bought it decades ago as his go-to “doin’ cool stuff with youngsters” look.

2.) Tea Partiers
I don’t care if they’re not on my team, but I love that they’re on my TV. I find their costumes and hackneyed performance art endlessly entertaining—from the comfort of my couch, at least.

3.) Janice Dickinson on The Wendy Williams Show
She told Wendy that she doesn’t “bleed.” It wasn’t a reference to any mummification caused by all the plastic surgery, but rather, she meant that she’s menopausal.

4.) Dolly Parton is afraid of the rides at Dollywood.
But mostly, she just won’t go on anything that requires her to take off her high heels.

5.) “Digital drama”
This week, MTV aired an episode of True Life about young couples whose relationships are being torn apart by addictions to Facebook and text messaging. (Note: There’s a stripper pole in this guy’s apartment, which would indicate that perhaps Facebook isn’t his most problematic obsession.)

6.) Kendra is confused by her son’s testicles.
I was under the impression that moving into the Playboy Mansion at 18 years old would teach a girl more than she ever even wanted to know about balls, providing a much more comprehensive education on the subject than any college science class could. But I was wrong.

7.) Baby bump
With all the CGI technology advances that have been made, why do pregnant actresses still have to awkwardly hold large things in front of them to conceal their bellies?

8.) Local politics
I’m going to have to start following them if the debates always involve 40s of OE.

9.) Kate Gosselin’s “work”
The Insider was trying to make it seem candalous that she’s had so much “work” done. Aside from the Botox and maybe the veneers, the rest just seems like run-of-the-mill beauty maintenance.

As if Chris Jacobs hasn’t had some “eye-brow shaping” of his own.

10.) Lindsay Lohan 0, Cactus 1

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