10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Nancy Grace and her Casey Anthony outrage is in high demand, Jill Zarin makes her acting debut, and evil pageant children know how to exact their revenge.

1.) Nancy Grace will not be apologizing to Casey Anthony.
John King had the nerve to call out Nancy Grace on her Anthony outrage.

2.) Nancy’s back story.
The Insider was all about Nancy this week, and did a rewind on her career, which was great for all the hairstyle memories.

3.) Leno’s Casey Anthony joke doesn’t go over well.
But when in doubt, blame your bombed joke on your microphone, then retell the joke, making sure that the applause sign is turned on.

4.) Jill Zarin was on White Collar.
Or perhaps better put: Why was Jill Zarin on White Collar?

5.) Sonja Morgan’s burlesque act.
Does it even count as burlesque if there is no stripping? It was more like a weird spoken word performance. I felt like everyone should’ve snapped their fingers instead of applauded at the end.

6.) “It makes me happy when mommy cries.”
This girl is really advanced. Most pageant kids won’t be able to utter this sentence for another 20 years when they’re either in therapy, a jail cell, or locked up in a padded room.

7.) Casey Anthony prosecutor calls Barbara Walters “sir.”
Babs doesn’t handle it nearly as well as Judge Judy does. (But maybe that’s because it happens so frequently to JJ.)

8.) Wipeout winner is kind of a loser.
She just won $50,000 and is going to use the money immediately to plan for and pay for her wedding—except she’s not engaged.

9.) “Is Kyle slow?”

10.) Bai Ling’s rooftop jaunt.
As a patient on Celebrity Rehab, Bai Ling was prescribed psych meds to deal with “unusual thinking.” She refused to take the medication for three days, which resulted in her trip to the facility’s roof.

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