10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Always Sunny puts on the world’s worst child pageant, Martha Stewart disrespects her Louboutins, and Cheryl Hines is your stereotypical suburban Mom.

1.) Anne Hathaway, Paul Rudd, and the guy from the Allstate commercials audition for Jersey Shore.
Do you think the orange glow of their skin is actual spray-tan, or something that was added in later in the editing room?

2.) Penny is afraid she’s turning into a cat lady.
Happy Endings returned this week and Penny moves into a new place! But when she discovers that the ladies who inhabited the condo before she did died alone in the apartment with their cats, she goes slightly insane.

3.) Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties Pageant.
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia + Toddlers & Tiaras = comedy perfection.

4.) Cheryl Hines in Suburgatory.
It takes a little time to get used to Hines in a role so different than that of Larry David’s wife on Curb, but she actually does a fabulous job being a modern-day Stepford Wife.

5.) Elmo and Andy Samberg do not get along.
You’d think after collaborating on an episode of Sesame Street they might like each other, but that is clearly not the case.

6.) Kevin creates his own special language on The Office.
Don’t worry, everyone: it’s not a stroke. It’s just Kevin’s new time-saving, abbreviated way of speaking.

7.) Were you, per chance, wondering what the premise of Hart Of Dixie was?
Then you’re in luck, because the first four minutes of the show spelled it all out for us. Think of the show as Felicity plus Private Practice starring The OC‘s Summer Roberts.

8.) Michael MacDonald has allergies.
What ach-oo belieeeeves!

9.) Martha Stewart paints the soles of her Louboutins black.
I repeat, Martha Stewart paints the soles of her Loubitons black. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the whole idea?

10.) Patrick Wilson’s “gift.”
I really love those awkward cut-aways that the Today Show does to their upcoming guests, and this one where Hoda Kotb stumbles over the obvious euphemism about how Wilson is “a gifted man in more than one way” is no exception.

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