10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Barbara Walters could use a new pantsuit, George Clooney gets wacky with Dave, and Tyra Banks is dying to pop that pimple on your face.

1.) Wendy Williams is on to JLo.
Wendy doesn’t believe that Jennifer Lopez is having as much fun living the single life as she wants us to believe.

2.) Aubrey Plaza accidentally swaps spit with Jay Leno.
So what if her magic trick bombed? At least she had the correct response to drinking the host’s water.

3.) Scott Disick doesn’t want a “50-day wedding” like some people might.
While Kris Jenner was co-hosting the Today Show this week, Hoda Kotb made two very astute observations about the Kardashians: “Okay, so your kids get engaged quickly,” and (to Scott), “Why are you not married? How come you’re the only one?”

4.) Dave and Clooney’s Excellent Interview Adventures.
George Clooney’s Late Show interview was pretty fun, between the sound effects, talk of smoking bongs, and calling Ryan Gosling a “Pretty Boy.”

5.) Tyra simply cannot wait to pop that zit on your face.
Quoth Lady Banks, “I get excited when I see somebody that has a pimple that’s ready.”

6.) Josh Elliott is Lloyd Dobler.
Whoa, whoa, whoa there: let’s not go and impersonate my all-time #1 fictional crush from Say Anything on the morning news. How will I ever make it out of bed?

7.) Happy Endings goes Mean Girls.
Seriously, though: are teen girls actually wearing shirts for babies? Is that a trend? Because if so, ugh.

8.) Barbara Walter’s never-changing suits.
Extensive research shows that Barbara Walters owns (and still wears!) a pantsuit over twelve years old. You’d think the woman could afford some new clothes, but then again, the pantsuit doesn’t really ever go out of style, does it?

9.) Brian Williams gets caught dumpster diving.
BriWi is a busy man, who can really blame him?

10.) Kim & Kris renew their vows… on Ellen.
Just in case the upcoming four-hour-long E! special about their wedding ceremony that airs this weekend isn’t enough for you.

Bonus: Sweet Dee’s hawking sneakers with Jillian Michaels now?
Well, I guess it’s better than schilling for Shape-Ups, but not by much.

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