10 Years Of Hearing That Anti-Aging Crap Doesn't Work


Uh oh! Looks like it’s time for another discussion of what liars all the skin-cream manufacturers are, and what suckers we are to believe their lies.

By this time, perhaps you’ve heard of the cottage industry that is articles debunking anti-wrinkle creams. If not, allow us to draw your attention to the following!

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But save yourself the time, here’s the gist. Do wrinkle creams work? Kind of sort of nope. Most “miraculous” creams don’t do everything they say and the labels are full of pseudoscientific gibberish. Any cheap moisturizer would do basically the same thing. But we buy them anyway. And clearly, this isn’t going to change: companies are going to roll out amazing “anti-aging advances,” people are going to buy them, and articles are going to appear telling us we’re idiots. Insert remark about human nature and Ponce de Leon here, if you like — not to mention our cultural fear of aging. But at the end of the day, if having a ritual of putting on something nice and good-smelling in a pretty bottle makes you feel good, there are far worse things. And you’re in good company.

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