15 Gifts for Your Pro-Choice Friend (or Yourself) That Benefit Abortion Funds

Helping abortion funds while busting abortion stigma? Those are gifts that keep on giving.

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You know how bleak things are: The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, and now, abortion is banned or almost totally banned in 14 states. But even while Roe stood, abortion wasn’t accessible for many people, which is why abortion funds exist. These groups help people pay for the procedure and for other related expenses like travel, hotels, and childcare.

There are more than 90 abortion funds across the U.S. and you can—and should—donate to them directly. But many of them also have some excellent pro-choice merch, which comes in very handy at this gift-giving time of year, whether you need a unique present for your reproductive-freedom-loving friend, or you just want to piss off your MAGA uncle at the family Christmas party.

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