16 & Pregnant: Update On The Meanest Text Message In The World


Last night, after the season finale, Dr. Drew hosted a reunion special, catching up with the teen parents featured this year. Remember Chelsea, whose baby daddy sent her the worst text message ever? She got back with that asshole!

Chelsea’s boyfriend Adam—and father of her child—had been extremely emotionally abusive to her throughout their two year relationship, and according to both Chelsea and her father, what we saw on TV was not even the worst of it. Toward the end of her specific episode, we learned that Chelsea had ended her relationship with Adam after he referred to their child as “that mistake.” But on last night’s special—which, BTW was 90 minutes long and didn’t end till 12:30am (on a school night!)—Chelsea admitted that she got back together with Adam and that they continued the off-again-on-again thing for some time. Currently, their status is “off.” (According to Chelsea’s father, Adam has very little interaction with his baby.) Chelsea swears that this was it, and that she will not take him back. What makes this whole situation worse is that Chelsea has a very close relationship with her own father but her own daughter will probably not enjoy the same experience.

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