1921 Woman Divorces Husband On Grounds Of Hypnosis


As the Star-Tribune, who re-ran the bizarre story, sagely notes: who needs Rohypnol?!

The story concerns a 19-year-old clerk who sought annulment of her marriage to a 30-year-old driver for the same company. “The girl bride charged that she had been forced by hypnotic influence of her mother-in-law into the marriage against her will.”

Mrs. Glaser told her, she testified, that Linnehan would join the navy if she did not marry him. Pitying the mother, she finally consented to the marriage, she said. No date was fixed. She said Mrs. Glaser controlled her actions by hypnotic influence…One day, she said, Linnehan telephoned her to come over to the home of his mother. When she arrived there, she testified, Linnehan and his mother took her by the arm and escorted her to the courthouse, where a license was obtained and the ceremony performed.

The weirdest part? The judge granted her the annulment.
Thursday, Jan. 13, 1921: Married By Hypnosis [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

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