1D Deathwatch: The Boys Speak


Since news of One Direction’s planned hiatus was announced, two of the boy band’s members have spoken up. Niall Horan went first, using Twitter to quell rumors of the band’s split.

He went on, “Can’t wait for you to hear all the new music we have for you and to perform some new songs as the tour continues! Love you all xx.”

Louis Tomlinson put in his two cents shortly after.

Alas, no word from Harry Styles, who is reportedly being heavily courted by Sony for a solo deal.

A source told E!:

“They are great friends and fully support one another. They are very aware that they are able to work on their own stuff as well as remain together. This is an exciting time for them creatively and as a group.”

The source also added, “They will remain together and plan to work together in the future.”

Looks like everyone can calm down. Or can they?

“When most people say they want a break, what they’re really saying is, ‘I want to break up but I don’t know how to do it,’” dating coach Evan Marc Katz said in this Chicago Tribune article that examines whether taking a break is good for a relationships or not. “If you’re that far down the this-isn’t-working-for-me road, you’ve pretty much made up your mind. You just don’t have the courage to say so.”

One Direction has been together for five years. Could their relationship really be salvaged? We will find out, eventually. The One Direction hiatus will begin in about six months.

Countdown starts now.

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