2010: "The Year Of The Mistress"


A lot happened in 2010: earthquakes, oil spills, DADT. Yet, to some, this was “the year of the mistress.”

And by “some,” we mean “CNN.” From their article: “From Tiger Woods — whose scandal actually broke in 2009, but mushroomed in 2010 — to Jesse James, reports of celebrity straying were everywhere from celebrity magazine covers to internet gossip sites.”

I mean, by that standard, every year is the year of the mistress, no? And when half of said mistresses are Tiger Woods’, does this even constitute a trend? In any case, isn’t this as much about “cheating men who seemed happily married” as about “the mistress?”

Besides, everyone knows that 1927 was the Year of the Mistress. For it was in that year that Nan Britton wrote one of the first tell-alls, the salacious The President’s Daughter, chronicling her affair with Warren G. Harding. Although, considering that this was a subplot on 2010’s Boardwalk Empire, maybe they do have a point. And were any gulf birds or earthquake victims of vets on Celebrity Rehab? Now that you mention it, they were not.

2010 Obsessions: Year Of The Mistress [CNN]

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