22 Topical Halloween Costumes for 2022 That Are Actually Funny

From Julia Fox to Wordle, these ideas have been carefully curated for minimal effort and optimal delight, and for anyone who's tired of screaming.

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Photo: AP/Getty Images/ScreenShot;TikTok/Getty Images

We’re nearing the end of yet another horrifying year. But we’ve had some brief moments of lighthearted fun, joyful mockery, and comedic relief. A topical Halloween costume is about remembering and honoring those moments—when we got to have a little chuckle instead of screaming into the void.

So give your amygdala and vocal cords a rest for an evening, and give your funny bone a night out on the town. These 2022 moments have been carefully curated for minimal effort and optimal delight. There are a few scary options: Skip slide seven, if you happen to be a Senator of an eastern state that borders Canada. And scroll past side eight if you feel threatened by people dancing. Otherwise, consider this slideshow your cauldron.

Most importantly, a few of these costumes can also be used to prove you read the news.

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