30 Rock's Jenna Maroney Berates Kids Of Questionable Talent


For all of you who are desperate for 30 Rock to start back up, here’s a funny morsel from the new season to feed your comedy-hungry souls. It seems everyone’s favorite ego-maniac, Jenna Maroney, has been given a job as the vicious judge on a talent competition called Kidz Got Singing. You’d feel sorry for the tiny contestants she takes down, if it wasn’t so funny. And who can deny the perfection of her new catch phrase? “Go jump back up your mother!” Here’s a little something to mull over: is that Jack Donaghy’s daughter Liddy who Jenna is berating? It would make sense, since Jack seems unusually protective of her. Yet this Liddy looks too old—the first sneak peek of the season still showed her as a baby, but it’s hard to imagine there’d be more than one Liddy in the 30 Rock universe. We’ll just have to wait until the season premieres on January 12th to find out.

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