Is a Pervy High School Teacher Posting 'Sexy' Underage Students' Photos on Reddit?


Sometimes it’s hard to muster the energy to get outraged about every truly awful thing that happens in this crap rainstorm we call life. But other times, something comes along that’s so bad, so egregious, that it renews my faith in my ability to be disgusted by things. Today’s outrage-restorer: the curious case of the high school teacher who posts upskirt photos of his probably-underage students to creep forums on the internet. Mad-on achieved.

The offending virtual locale, once again, is Reddit’s seedy creepshots subforums, where participants meet to swap pictures of women who don’t know they’re being photographed. Sometimes, it’s just a nice pair of boobs attached to a lady on a train. Other times, it’s a down-the-blouse shot or an upskirt shot. According to the rules of creepshots (BECAUSE THERE ARE RULES HERE. THIS ISN’T A BRIDAL TRUNK SHOW), all photos posted must be of women who don’t know they’re being photographed. And while it’s technically not kosher (or legal) to post pictures of sexualized and unwitting underage girls, an implied “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy keeps moderators and administrators turning a blind eye to Reddit’s resident creeps.

According to a whistleblower on another Reddit forum, there are several users who actively post photographs of unsuspecting women that appear to have been taken in high schools, and when commenters complain that the girls are clearly underage, they’re shouted down. On one posting, entitled “Album of a Girl in my Class,” several shots of a young-looking girl wearing short shorts posted by an apparently male classmate. When a user wrote “These under age submissions need to stop,” the replies ranged from “Oh, shit. The internet morality police have shown up to stop our fun. Fuck off.” to the less confrontational (but hopeful) “Could be a senior in high school.” Could be! Let’s look on the bright side here, folks! Because when women turn 18, they magically become public property to be photographed whenever and jerked off to by whomever. Hey, it’s not dudes’ faults your existence drives them into a penile frenzy.

One particularly prolific creepshot farmer appears to “have followed one particular girl around school for quite some time.” Another posts several extreme close up shots of girls’ panties — as they sit in desks, apparently in class.

The posters know they pictures are of underage women. On a Waaahmbulance post about how the “trolls” were trying to ruin their sexy fun, the same guy who followed a girl around and photographed her butt and legs approximately 102398413 times admits that a substantial proportion of girls on r/creepshots are not of age, which is a bummer because underage girls who don’t know they’re being photographed produce much higher “quality of content.”

Yeah his post definitely would help the legality of the matter, but I’m just curious as to how the subscribers would react to this new rule. I’m willing to wager that at least 40% of the all-time top posts contain women who aren’t 18 years old.. if we got rid of that, a large majority of the subscribers wouldn’t ne too happy of that. My pictures are constantly praised and upvoted, even though all of the girls in them are younger than 17.
Would we rather have content that the users love to see and have constant legal disputes over it, or simply create stricter rules to comply with our federal government’s laws while sacrificing the quality of the content?

Harumph harumph harumph said the convening meeting of dignitary voyeurs.

But rising above his WTF peers is this user, who posts pictures of high school girls sitting in class from the perspective of someone who appears to be not a fellow student, but their teacher. Exhibit A: This charming post called “Hot Senior Girl in One of My Classes.” Shudder. Exhibit B: the time he admitted that he was a teacher in a comment on another person’s post (about halfway down this screen shot). When he’s not posting clandestinely taken shots of his “hot” students, he’s commenting on pictures other young, young looking girls have posted. In response to a posting called “16 F Asian,” he writes, “You are sexy as fuck…’s not even fair to the other girls at school how good looking you are.” In another posting purportedly to be of a 16-year-old girl, he writes, “As not a lesbian, I would bang too :-p.”

Finding teenagers sexy is not a crime (otherwise, erm, America’s got a lot of Britney Spears: The Early Years ‘splaining to do). But a teacher who spends his spare time photographing his students so creeps can boner jam to them on the internet? That’s probably a fireable offense for an educator, and it’s definitely a gym class parachute sized red flag. But the party couldn’t last forever — it appears that he’s been caught rosy-palmed; on another of his postings, a Reddit user claims to know the girl and accuses the poster of being a congenital creep who absolutely shouldn’t be in a position of authority over underage girls.

Most of the posts on r/creepshots aren’t critical of the creeps, though. In fact, r/creepshots is basically a place for people who take pictures of women who don’t know they’re being photographed to be congratulated by other dudes who get off on pictures of unsuspecting women. Per the boat rockers at ShitRedditSays,

What’s particularly disturbing about the voyeur subreddits is that individuals are having their perverse, invasive, and illegal behavior validated and encouraged by many others. The “great community” of r/creepshots (a quote from their sidebar) showers submitters with upvotes, positive comments, and sometimes explicit requests for more images of the same girl. In short, these voyeur subreddits normalize and encourage predatory behavior.
Students should be able to attend class without having their privacy violated by fellow students and trusted authority figures like teachers. Girls should be able to go to school without worrying that sexually suggestive images of them are being uploaded to popular websites like Reddit for thousands to view and ogle. How many more girls are going to be violated and exploited before these subreddits are taken down?

The underage thing is pretty awful, but there’s also, you know, the fact that we over-18 human females also don’t much appreciate being treated like decorative sex toys. Women’s bodies are not public domain, and demanding control over our images isn’t “ruining anyone’s fun.” It’s asking to be treated like a goddamn person.


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