66,000 People Are Allegedly Demanding Refunds for Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau's Wedding Livestream

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66,000 People Are Allegedly Demanding Refunds for Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau's Wedding Livestream

Ahead of Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s spon-con wedding, I sought the advice of a prophet. Her sanctuary was hidden deep in a storefront downtown, and the cost to approach her was a fistful of Monopoly money. I’ve transcribed the omen she whispered below:

“First came viral infamy, then came “clout-trimony,” then came a highly publicized divorce to boost an already massive social cache. It doesn’t rhyme. But it does describe Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s unholy union!”

My hard earned cash did not go to waste, as TMZ now reports that all who streamed the Sugar Factory ceremony through startup app Halogen will receive a complete refund from Apple and Google.

66,000 people paid anywhere from $50-75 to watch live as the couple said “I do.” BTW, it started late and only lasted about 10 minutes … but those are the good reviews. Those who shelled out the cash to streaming app, Halogen, complained the video was shaky, lagging, froze often and the audio sucked. Many, of course, demanded refunds and we’ve learned they are getting ‘em.

Halogen, meanwhile, claims that “many high profile creators use Halogen to broadcast their live events” and viewing problems are the result of “onsite technical issues with third party production providers.” One of these fumbles might be the allegedly staged fight that “broke out” during the ceremony. Another could possibly be blamed on Logan Paul, who ruined the illusion when admitting to Buzzfeed News that the entire night was a farce.

And while you might never get back the 10 minutes you wasted—remember to cherish the memories you made with Apple customer support! [TMZ]

Jason Momoa would like all haters to understand two very important things: Fuck yourself, and dad bods are absolutely fine. You hate to see it! The comments came after a nefarious slice of internet body police mocked the actor’s “summer body.” Thankfully, he has paid them little mind, indulging in beer and a whiskey-flavored cake at his recent 40th birthday party. Here’s what he had to say when caught by cameras at the airport:

Hopefully he follows up on the promise that he’ll show us his “dad bod” very, very soon. [TMZ]

Due to Heidi Montag’s recent transformation as a “christian pop princess”— let’s revisit her most iconic single to date. As you probably don’t know, it was “really big in the underground gay community,” and “No. 4 in Tokyo!”

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