7 Days in Hell Takeaway: What Does Kit Harington Really Look Like?


7 Days in the Hell, the HBO mockumentary about Wimbledon starring Andy Samberg and Kit Harington, is a fun romp that starts off weird and gets progressively more insane over the span of its smartly brief 45-minute run. The movie is a good time, particularly for tennis fans, or even for anyone who has a passing knowledge of the sport. Kit Harington’s face, however, is the real draw. What is up with his face?

What does Kit Harington look like? He knows that he’s supposed to be pretty, but is devoted enough to his craft that for his latest roles he has ditched the long curly locks and scruffy beard that made him Jon Snow-famous. Before 7 Days in Hell, the prevailing wisdom was that Kit was hotter as Jon Snow. But 7 Days in Hell shows several different Kits, all of whom look so different it’s less interesting whether he’s “hot or not” and just how he accomplishes such different facial diversity.

For instance, is Kit a sort of hot preppy young dude?

Or is he a dude who is not flattering his face with a tightly slicked back pony?

A reminder: this is what Kit Harington looks like as Jon Snow.

And as himself but also when he’s filming as Jon Snow. Note that the hair is back, but he does have facial hair (though it is groomed).

Not Jon Snow (not in 7 Days in Hell either):

One thing we do know: regardless of his hair situation, Andy Samberg is fineeeee.

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Images via HBO

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