A Firefighter Used a Duck Ringtone to Save Baby Ducklings and (Swoon)


Louisiana: a kind Southern state with clever firefighters who use quacking ringtones to rescue baby ducklings who’d gotten stuck in a storm drain. Be still, my heart.

Reports AP Online:

Spokesman Chad Duffaut of St. Tammany Fire District #1 says even with realistic quacking sounds coming from his cellphone, it took Firefighter Cody Knecht about 90 minutes to catch the first four baby mallards in the southeast Louisiana community of Slidell.
Duffaut says Knecht rescued the others after giving them about an hour to calm down.

Calm down! Oh my God. The idea of baby ducklings in distress makes my heart break.

All six ducklings were reunited with their mother Saturday in the canal behind a home, where residents had reported seeing the ducklings go into the drain.

Image via AP

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