A Gift Guide for Your Friend Who Still Consumes Physical Media

Vinyl, Blu-ray, and book enthusiasts need love—and presents—too.

Gift Guide
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Image: Sony Pictures/Welbeck/One Little Independent/Parkwood/Columbia/Asylum/Random House

Streaming made life easier for pop culture consumers, but it made gift-buying a lot more difficult. For a while, a piece of media was a way to buy a specific but affordable gift that an entertainment-obsessed friend would almost certainly enjoy (or at least appreciate). And then streaming happened and no one wanted stuff or had the means to play it. But with vinyl’s comeback, I’ve noticed that it’s once again easy to come up with a thoughtful yet easy-enough gift for my turntable-having friends. It makes them happy, and making them happy makes me happy. This is a season of joy.

This gift guide collects some of the most notable and satisfying physical media releases of 2022: vinyl records, 4K Blu-ray discs, books, and a little something sweet to wash it all down with.

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